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Mesin Potong Rumput gendong HONDA UMR 435 T ( 4 TAK ) suara halus
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Specification of

Grass Hatching Machine HONDA UMR 435 T (4 TAK)
Made: Japan
Cylindrical Capacity: 35.8 cc
Machine Type: 4 Tak
Power Output hp / rpm: 1.3 hp / 7000 rpm
Fuel: Gasoline
Gasoline / oil capacity: 0.63 l gasoline / 0.1 l oil
Knife Model: Box Model (305mm) and string
Weight: 10 kg
Why choose a Mower Hendry HONDA UMR 435 T (4 TAK):
- Honda Is the only one that issued a cutting machine grass carrying 4 stroke
- Because 4 noises are smaller and smoother
- Easy to distater
- Parts / parts of Honda are guaranteed and available in CV. Agromesin (spare part dealer), We also serve the machine service in case of damage

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