CV. Agromesin

Concrete Mixer Machine

Distributor of Molen Machines in Surabaya

In the implementation of concrete work has been widely used stir concrete machines or "molen", with this machine the mixture will be mixed more evenly and more perfectly. CV. Agro Machinery as a Distributor of Molen Machines in Surabaya presents the Molen Machine which is used to help construction workers when stirring cement to be more evenly mixed and of course better results. We as a Distributor of Molen Machines in Surabaya have a machine that makes it easy for workers in the process of stirring cement with a large quantity of cement dough. Molen Machine Parts, namely:
Useful for moving the tube stir until the stirring tube can rotate.

Molen Machine Wheel
So that the tool is more flexible in the process of transferring it.

It is the body of a machine equipped with engine pulling wheels and rods until the engine can be easily moved.

Machine Pull Rod
To make it easier to move molen.

Reversing Wheel Lock
Useful for locking the inverting wheel of the tube so that it can be moved to another place.

Tube Reversing Wheel
Useful to change the position of the tube stirring at the time filled with stacking materials and when to spill the mixture.

Stir Tubes
It is a cylindrical vessel with a closed bottom and a cone-shaped upper layer. At the top of the cone there is a stirring tube mouth hole to insert the ingredients of the concrete mix and to spill the concrete mixture after it is mixed. Inside the tube mix there are leaves that help mix the ingredients of the arrangement.

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